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 License to use the FIQR and SIQR

The FIQR and SIQR are licensed by the MAPI Research Trust on behalf of the copyright holders.

 Use of the FIQR and SIQR is free for academic research studies and clinical projects

  Commercial use of the FIQR and SIQR requires a license 

Applying for a license:

First -  refer to MAPI website:  MAPI website for FIQR/SIQR

Then -  send an e-mail to MAPI requesting  a license: PROInformation@mapi-trust.org

MAPI response: they will send the relevant forms for obtaining a FIQR or SIQR license

A user agreement for the FIQR can be downloaded at: 
 FIQR user agreement

A user agreement for the SIQR can be downloaded at:  SIQR user agreement