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                                 Scoring the FIQR and SIQR

The FIQR is much easier to score compared to its predecessor the FIQ.

The SIQR has exactly the same scoring algorithm as the FIQR

There are just 3 steps in scoring:

Step 1.     Sum the scores for each of the three domains (function, overall, and symptoms

Step 2.     a. Divide  function domain sum (0-90) by 3 (upper limit 30)
                  b. Divide overall impact domain  sum (0-20) by one (0-20)  (that is, it is unchanged)
c. Divide symptom domain sum (0-100) by 2 (upper limit 50)       

Step 3.     Add the three resulting domain scores (a, b and c) to obtain the total score of 
                  the FIQR or SIQR (range 0 -100)

Missing or multiple answers

Consider the the questionnaire invalid if:

  1. Two or more items are missed from the functional domain or any item is missed from the overall
      domain or the symptom domain. 

  2. The subject makes multiple answers to three or more individual items.


Completion / scoring times:

  * Patient completion time is approximately 2 minutes
  * Hand scoring takes approximately 1 minute
  * FIQR calculator scoring is instantaneous and the completed questionnaire can be printed out.